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Higher Quality

Visionspect furnishes your site with Viswill (formerly Kanebo) vision systems, the industry’s premier visual inspection technology. By providing a high-performance inspection system that replaces human eyes and judgment, we deliver much more accurate visual inspection results for your project.

No Capital Outlay

Visual inspection equipment is essential in today’s industry, but it requires a huge capital investment to purchase. Visionspect, the world’s first visual inspection contractor, removes this hurdle. We offer visual inspection with no capital outlay or employee overhead, and can be funded as an operating expense.

Lower Cost

Our contract service lowers your costs by offering your projects all the advantages of automated visual inspection without the capital outlay or employee overhead. You have the flexibility of choosing pricing by batch, by unit, or by volume.

No Maintenance Costs

With Visionspect’s contract visual inspection services, there are no ongoing maintenance costs. Our highly skilled technicians operate the equipment, service it as needed, and handle any switch between dosage forms.

Customizable AQL

Visionspect’s visual inspection services can be used for all of the tablets and capsules that you manufacture. Some products require more stringent levels of defects, but our equipment can be customized to your desired acceptable quality levels (AQL).