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Our Equipment

Viswill visual inspection equipment is the heart of Visionspect’s contract visual inspection system. Formerly Kanebo, this equipment has been in use for over thirty years in Japan and the United States, and has proven to be more accurate than manual inspection while providing lower costs. Click here to download a PDF spec sheet.

Viswill equipment offers high speed and exceptional accuracy, as well as easy changeover to different products by holding process parameters in the memory of the individual equipment.

Three separate models are used:

The TVIS-EX3, our new Tablet Video Inspection System, is a high-precision, powerful inspection system. Based on valuable remarks and feedback from customers, Viswill implemented improvements on the TVIS-EX3, enhancing continuous operation, operator friendliness, and cleaning efficiency.

The unique round-belt suction transfer mechanism firmly fixes tablets on the belt while keeping the tablets intact and the latest image processing technology enables detection of a 50 um square or larger black speck on tablets.

A newly developed algorithm has further improved the detection of defective tables such as:

  • Defects due to hair or fibers of 50 um or less
  • Defects due to dirt or foreign matter on mottled tablets
  • Minute chips on the bottom of tablets with printed marks on one side
  • Minute Chips on the edge of tablets

Optional cameras for the face and bottom may be added to enable recognition and inspection of embossing and scores. The precision of inspecting defective roughness (chips, blotches, peeled coating, etc.) on the face and bottom will be noticeably improved by using this ring illumination system.



The TVIS-AS-C6 handles a wide range of tablet types, including round, triangular and more. (Certain special tablets shapes can be optionally added). Tablets with engraved marks, scoring and printing, and those with component granules or granule patches appearing on the surface can also be inspected.

The color cameras in combination with advanced lighting technology and state-of-the-art image processing technology yields reliable detection of defects equivalent to a 100 um square or larger black speck. The standard lighting unit is ideal for inspecting dirt, foreign matter, printing and deformation.

This system employs a suction belt conveyor subsystem that ensures stable high-speed transport without faltering. Tablets will not be chipped or cracked by this system, due to sensitive flow control provided by the turntable.

Stable processing capacity of about 100 thousand tablets per hour is possible with this system. Error monitoring functions are implemented and the system can be operated unmanned during the night by constructing a continuous operation system in combination with our optional feeder and distributor.



The PAPPIS is the first system specifically designed to provide a low cost alternative to your inaccurate and timely manual inspection.

Taking into consideration the rising cost of factory floor space, this system does not require a specially designed room or premium floor space for operations. With a small footprint (L = 39 in, W = 23 in, H = 56 in) and light design, the system is placed on casters and can be rolled to any location and simply plugged into a standard 120 volt outlet. Once plugged in, the PAPPIS is ready for your product.

Processing capacity is up to 200,000 tablets per hour (8mm round) with 100 micron inspection accuracy.

The PAPPIS uses 4 LED lighting units to illuminate the product and 8 high resolution CCD Area sensor cameras for inspection (top and bottom of each row). Inspection is applied to both the top surface and bottom surface at the same time.